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Best Breakfast Sandwiches in Saratoga
Breakfast sandwich with egg, bacon and arugula on an toasted English muffin on a white square plate

Ah, breakfast, glorious breakfast! Possibly the best meal of the day, meant to be consumed during one of the busiest times. Well, time is money. Trust us, we understand, and in the AM we find that the minutes sometimes get away from us. Not to worry, though, we got you covered with our list of the best breakfast sandwiches in Saratoga. Line ‘em up! 

Kru Coffee

Breakfast sandwich with egg, bacon and arugula on an toasted English muffin on a white square plate

The jury is in and we all agree that Kru is our heavyweight champion of coffee in Saratoga. What you may not have known (‘til now) is our favorite baristas working behind the scenes are dually trained to manufacture a freakin’ delectable breakfast sandwich. We appreciate and applaud their efforts to put a twist on things with their Big BLT; a crisp egg served with tomato, arugula, spicy mayo, sriracha-maple bacon (drool) on top of a toasted english muffin. Not your cup of tea? Go simple and feel free to build a sandwich the old fashioned way – bacon, egg, cheese, on a homemade croissant, yum.

Pro tip: Kru offers up these flaky, buttery, homemade croissants for your breakfast sandwich, daily, most likely to be sold out before the 10AM hour. They do have gluten free bread and English muffins as well. Early bird gets the worm!

46 Marion Ave, Saratoga Spring, NY
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Walt & Whitman Cafe

Walt & Whitman may be a new entree onto Saratoga Springs’ crowded restaurant and café scene, but it’s already proving to be a serious contender on several fronts: housemade craft beer, addictive Detroit-style pizza, killer apps. That’s downstairs in the brewery. Upstairs, the breakfast sandwich rules the roost with its decidedly new-fangled approach. Sourdough toast, topped with mashed avocado, oven-dried tomatoes, sliced jalapeños and herbed oil, it’s a fantastically unexpected explosion of umami-infused spice. And it’s super healthy, just wearing the disguise of decadence; a pleasure, without the guilt.

20 Lake Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY
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Saratoga 5 Points Market & Deli

Front of a corner grocery store with lots of fresh potted flowers out front and a big American flag hanging in the window and a vintage sign that says Five Points Grocery.

Another great option for a quick breakfast on the go is Saratoga 5 Points Market & Deli. Not only do they have breakfast all day, but they probably have the best prices in town. A basic breakfast sandwich with two eggs and American cheese on a hard roll is just $3.30. Their breakfast burrito with two scrambled eggs, pepper jack cheese, sausage, roasted red peppers and onions is delicious, and only $4.30. With value like this do we really ever need to make breakfast again?

42 Park Place, Saratoga Spring, NY
5 Points Breakfast Menu

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