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An unapologetic approach to coffee – this is Kru’s promise to caffeine drinkers and aficionados everywhere, and it’s true. Kru Coffee reintroduced reputable and properly roasted, quality coffee to Saratoga Springs in 2017, when they opened up shop in the Fresh Market Plaza, located less than a few minutes from downtown Saratoga. Their beans are proudly sourced Free Trade, Rainforest Alliance or direct trade and and can be found in local establishments all across town. 

The Vibe

As you enter Kru Coffee, you are embraced by the natural sunlight creeping through their immense windows and a beautifully crafted counter space made from reclaimed lumber. Our attention is immediately drawn to their impressive Slayer espresso machine, etched with the Kru logo. 

The rustic and industrial decor, with warm woods, concrete floors, and high ceilings, creates a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for hanging out with friends. There is also a second floor, which is a popular spot for doing work. 

During their busiest hours, typically mid-morning, a soft hum of guests conversing between one another fills the room, and is only interrupted every now and again by the sound of grinding coffee beans. This only relaxes us more as we sit in one of their comfy loungers and enjoy our beverage.

The Coffee

Kru’s beverage offering includes classics, like cappuccinos, lattes, americanos, flat whites, cortados, macchiatos (the true macchiato), etc. as well as interesting twists on beverages, such as their Cardi Bee Latte, made with honey, cardamom, espresso, and your choice of milk. You can’t go wrong either way, as the well trained baristas behind the counter are always weighing and measuring every ingredient in your drink, guaranteeing consistency and quality. 

As they prepare your brew, you’ll notice dairy products are sourced locally from our favorite, Battenkill Creamy, and flavored syrups like their caramel or vanilla are made in house to ensure freshness, balance, and fewer unnecessary additives in your coffee creations! Dairy free options are available as well, including oat, almond, and soy milk.

If you’re in the mood for something served chilled, check out the Nitro Cold Brew and Nitro Lattes that are always on tap for those who prefer no ice in their cold beverages.

The Food

Fresh baked pastries, cookies, and breakfast sandwiches are served until 1:00 pm daily at Kru. The pastries and cookies are on display next to the checkout; we suggest their chocolate chip cookie, which is quite possibly one of the best in town, or a melt-in-your-mouth cheese danish. Yum!  

As far as the breakfast sandwiches go, we recommend the Spicy Vegetarian (egg, greens, fig goat cheese, and harissa served on an English muffin) or the Big BLT (egg, greens, avocado, tomato, bacon and spicy aioli, also on an English muffin). Of course, you can’t go wrong with the build-your-own option, especially on one of their buttery homemade croissants. 

Looking to eat light? A greek yogurt parfait is also on the menu, and the serving of fresh strawberries and gluten-free muesli, topped with almonds, pecans, and a honey drizzle is more than generous.

What Else?

If it’s Sunday Funday and you’re looking for something to do, we love to stop in at Kru Coffee and sit with our beverage while they feature live instrumentals throughout the day. Also, be sure to keep a lookout for announcements regarding their latte art competitions, generally held after normal business hours, when the baristas face off and engage in a little friendly contest to see who can pour the prettiest picture. All are welcome to this after hours events! 

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