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Morrissey’s Lounge
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The Highlights

Located inside the beautifully renovated Adelphi hotel, the atmosphere is hard to beat
Properly crafted cocktails and an exquisite wine list
Without question the best sushi in town

Our Review

If you live or spend time in Saratoga Springs, you may have heard of a man named John Morrissey. An historic figure, especially in this town, Morrissey was an Irishman and bare-knuckle boxer who reigned as leader of the Dead Rabbits gang in the 1850s. Ironically, he later became a Democratic State Senator and U.S. Congressman and was pivotal in establishing Canfield Casino as well as the historic Saratoga Race Course that we know and celebrate today. 

If there was ever an establishment that could pay its respects to such a storied character, it is the craft cocktail bar that graces his very name, Morrissey’s Lounge.

The Vibe

Morrissey’s Lounge is located in the swanky and recently renovated Adelphi Hotel, the very building where the prizefighter spent his last days. The interior is as pleasing to the eye as it is the palate. Luscious, dark royal blue banquettes, herringbone wood floors, and deep armchair-like leather barstools make up the space, and the room’s smart, masculine décor properly reflects a man of the same vein. 

You can usually expect a busy bar and packed banquettes at this popular venue. Luckily, the hotel lobby makes for an enjoyable spillover option. There’s also a spacious outdoor patio for prime Broadway pedestrian gawking in addition to a garden area in the back of the hotel.

The Drinks

When it comes to beverages, the list is broken down into Seasonal Cocktails, Morrissey’s Classics and Old School Classics. We keep going back for The Ruffian, a delicious and boozy blend of Aperol, mezcal, Averna, and smoke. The bartenders know their stuff, though, so feel free to order up a favorite classic or place an order for a cocktail made off the cuff. 

The bar shares a wine list with sister restaurant, The Blue Hen, making for a jam packed selection of big name producers. The BTG wines deliver as well, and include a refreshing Rosé Cava by Raventos i Blanc that we recommend you don’t skip. The beer list is also quite nice, and features a healthy mix of craft beers as well as a draft line dedicated to pouring a perfect pint of Guinness all year round. 

The Food

Celebrity Chef David Burke oversees this eclectic bar menu, so you can expect a few signature items to make an appearance, such as his well-known Maple Glazed “Clothesline” Bacon. The menu features a number of small plates, shareable dishes and heartier options in addition to an impressive sushi menu. 

Need some recommendations? The “Buffalo” Cauliflower, served with bleu cheese and spicy sauce, the Wild Mushroom Flatbread with whipped ricotta cheese, frisee and speck, and the Dry Aged Burke Burger are at the top of our list. And not to be overlooked, their sushi is the best in town! As for dessert, the selection makes for a difficult choice but the Cheesecake Pops for Two wins us over for a perfect last bite.

What Else?

As we mentioned, the sushi here is best in town. Which is why we especially love Morrissey’s on Wednesdays (Sep – May) when they offer their mouthwatering sushi at half price, all day. 

Additionally, along with The Blue Hen, Morrissey’s is now offering brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 11AM – 2PM.

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