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Walt & Whitman Cafe
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The Highlights

Our Review

It’s rare to find a place that is large enough to accommodate the parents-and-strollers-set, informal co-working tete-a-tetes, gossiping gaggles of selfie-snapping teens and heads-down-on-the-computer solo diners, while also being able to feed and caffeinate them. 

At Walt & Whitman, they do this in a light-filled, stylish and comfortable space. Aaaah.

The Vibe

Relaxed chic. The 23-year-old founder Will Crager and his family had no background in hospitality when they took on the space, which is probably why it feels so deliciously uncurated. Walt & Whitman is named, of course, for one of America’s founding poets, and the space is imbued with his highly specific exuberant delight in the details and whimsy of life. 

Sipping coffee and typing away on your computer, while still living life to its exultant fullest. Yes please.

The Drinks

The coffee is sourced from small-batch specialty roasters Ceremony Coffee in Maryland. The options abound: drip, pourover, French press, red eye, cappuccino, all manners of latte, tea and chai, and for the littles (or the little at heart), hot chocolate. 

It’s geeky, but not snobby. Parfaite.

The Food

Glad you asked. Hailing from the something for everyone corner of the kitchen, there are universal pleasers like artisanal toast + cultured butter & jam; avocado toast; homemade English muffins with fried eggs, smoked bacon, cheddar & jalapeño jam, plus other lightly buttered and fried delights, with a smattering of homemade baked goods. 

What Else?

For a town with almost everything, until Walt & Whitman moved in, there weren’t enough sprawling spaces engineered to support chilling, working and chatting, for as long as you like. Bonus: there’s a brewery downstairs, and because it’s run by the same people, you can float between the spaces—with your food and drinks.

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